Our first Seminar and Workshop went well. We have decided to offer several upcoming classes that we hope can be a tool for you to further your career.

From our students:

"You are a great teacher. I imagine there are a lot of directors, producers, etc. out there that do not have that ability to be able to teach! Anyway, I just thought you might like to know how motivated i am by this past weekend."

"I really enjoyed your seminar.  I found it extremely informative.  I also like that it was structured.  While some seminars/workshops drift from one subject to another, the presentation made yours very easy to follow."

Our seminars are taught by working professionals and are carefully crafted to bring the most important information you need to the front. In many cases, there is a minimum number of students for the class to make. If that is not reached, you will receive a full refund. When you register, you will be contacted will more detailed information.


Daniel Millican

Made the leap from the commercial/ corporate/music video industry to feature films in 2000 and has written and directed five feature films, distributed all over the world.

"I enjoy teaching these seminars and hope the students can take what they learn and apply it towards helping their careers."

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Current Seminars


Acting: A Director's POV We had a great Seminar and Workshop and many have already asked about when we're going to do it again. Short answer-- I don't know yet. Probably first of the year.


Greenlight Yourself!

Saturday, Dec. 5, 2009, with Dan Millican. Cost is $99, minimum 10 people for the class to make.

Possible Topics:

  • The 6 Phases of Filmmaking
  • How to find ideas
  • The second hardest part of filmmaking-- FUNDRAISING
  • Budgeting/Breakdowns
  • The Business Plan
  • What paperwork do you need to get started rasiing money?
  • The Script-- things that will help/things that will hurt
  • Who do you hire first?
  • Getting name actors
  • The battle is won in pre-production
  • The shoot
  • Post Production
  • Distribution-- the end game and how to find it

$99 Seminar Saturday, December 5, 2009 REGISTER NOW

Dinner and a Screenplay

Thursday evening, November 12, 6pm to 9pm with Dan Millican (5 screenplays produced, 12 written). Cost is $29, minimum 12 people for class to make.

  • Well, some call it dinner, some call it finger food. But regardless, something to munch while we talk about what it takes to get that idea from your head to paper.
    $29 for 3 hour Seminar Thursday, November 12, 2009 REGISTER NOW

Shoot, Edit, Demo! (For Actors)

Friday, December 4, all day, with Dan Millican. Due to the high level of production value and expense, the cost will be $350 a person, minimum 6 people, but limited to maximum 8. We will allow actors to audit who want the experience of seeing the scene shot and edited, but will not be the actors in the scene (although could be used as extras). To audit, $50 cost.



    • In the morning, you will shoot a dramatic scene. In the afternoon, you will watch in the edit room as you learn what goes on after you've left the set. You will receive a professionally directed, high def, high resolution quicktime that you can cut into your demo reel.
      $350 for all day, includes quicktime file, Friday, December 4, 2009 REGISTER NOW


    $50 AUDIT (does not include participation in shoot or quicktime file), Friday, December 4, 2009 REGISTER NOW




    Serendipitous Films reserves the right to cancel. If it is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

    The Seminars are a great place to see actors up close, but is no guarantee of future casting in projects of Serendiptious Films.