Our first Seminar and Workshop went well. We have decided to offer several upcoming classes that we hope can be a tool for you to further your career.

From our students:

"You are a great teacher. I imagine there are a lot of directors, producers, etc. out there that do not have that ability to be able to teach! Anyway, I just thought you might like to know how motivated i am by this past weekend."

"I really enjoyed your seminar.  I found it extremely informative.  I also like that it was structured.  While some seminars/workshops drift from one subject to another, the presentation made yours very easy to follow."

"Valuable information from a director's perspective, something you seldom hear."

Our seminars are taught by working professionals and are carefully crafted to bring the most important information you need to the front. In many cases, there is a minimum number of students for the class to make. If that is not reached, you will receive a full refund. When you register, you will be contacted will more detailed information.


Daniel Millican

Made the leap from the commercial/ corporate/music video industry to feature films in 2000 and has written and directed five feature films, distributed all over the world.

"I enjoy teaching these seminars and hope the students can take what they learn and apply it towards helping their careers."

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Greenlight Yourself!



  • The 6 Phases of Filmmaking
  • How to find ideas
  • The second hardest part of filmmaking-- FUNDRAISING
  • Budgeting/Breakdowns
  • The Business Plan
  • What paperwork do you need to get started raising money?
  • The Script-- things that will help/things that will hurt
  • Who do you hire first?
  • Getting name actors
  • The battle is won in pre-production
  • The shoot
  • Post Production
  • Distribution-- the end game and how to find it

This seminar is for the person who wants to learn how to make a movie. Maybe you have just an idea or a finished script, Millican will go through the whole process, sharing the methods and techniques he has used to raise millions for the feature films he has produced and directed. Millican will also discuss the paperwork needed to raise money for a film, how to budget, what software is good, what investors and distributors look for and many other items.

It will be a very intense day, begun with a survey to find out exactly where you are at and what information you need to be able to take the next steps. The seminar is very organized, with powerpoint and visual aids, and come prepared to take notes.

Dan Millican worked in corporate/commercial film. In the mid-nineties, he wrote a plan to move into feature films. "I attended seminars and went to all the workshops at film festivals, read every book I could get a hold of," he says. "It was at a one day seminar/workshop, where I learned the tools to be able to go out and raise money, which was the first step in making 'The Keyman.'"

To date, Millican has produced four full length feature films as well as written/directed those and one other.

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Shoot, Edit, Demo (a full day for actors)



Serendipitous Films reserves the right to cancel. If it is cancelled, you will receive a full refund.

The Seminars are a great place to see actors up close, but is no guarantee of future casting or work in projects of Serendiptious Films.